Canal Flats talks ice fees for bonspiel, also reviews Eagle’s Nest Water System project

At the Village of Canal Flats council meeting on February 14, the Canal Flats Community Group requested that ice fees for their second annual bonspiel be waived. The Village of Canal Flats also received notification from the Towns for Tomorrow program regarding the upgrade project for the Eagle’s Nest Water System.

  • Feb. 23, 2011 7:00 a.m.

The Village of Canal Flats held a regular council meeting on February 14.

The Canal Flats Community Group submitted a request for the arena rental fees to be waived for their second annual curling bonspiel.

The bonspiel is to be held on the weekend of March 19-20.

The community group claims that the fees for the arena rental were waived at last year’s bonspiel.

The community group is also considering donating the proceeds of the bonspiel to the Canal Flats First Aid Group and to Dave Mesenchuk.

Council deferred the waive and asked that the community group submit a formal grant-in-aid application for review with the proper background information available.

The Village of Canal Flats has received notification from the Towns for Tomorrow program regarding the upgrade project for the Eagle’s Nest Water System.

The program requested confirmation from council of the existing project or a request for a scope change, a detailed timeline, a council resolution supporting the project with the commitment to complete by March 31, 2013 or, alternatively, to decline the grant.

In order to proceed with this project, Canal Flats council will be required to purchase the system.

Prior to the start of construction, Canal Flats council must provide written confirmation to the Municipal Engineering Services Branch, Ministry of Community Services, that the Eagle’s Nest Water System has been transferred into the village’s ownership and that the Village of Canal Flats is now responsible for the system’s long-term operations and management.

Canal Flats Chief Administrative Officer Brian Woodward has requested Thunderwater Engineering and Construction Inc. to address the work scope to accommodate the Towns for Tomorrow Eagle’s Nest Water System grant.

Thunderwater has since confirmed that they are reviewing the scope of the work.

Council had previously directed staff to provide a letter to the Eagle’s Nest owners regarding the possible purchase of the water system.

However, the village has not yet sent letters due to the wait for the project review and all the considerations that will require council’s decisions.

Council will discuss this matter in a future meeting, and they will need to wait for additional information to be collected.