Chamber is Calgary bound

The Columbia Valley is set to receive some much-welcome exposure this December.

The Columbia Valley is set to receive some much-welcome exposure this December, as the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC) along with a number of local businesses will be setting up shop in one of the busiest Plus 15 walkways in Calgary.

“For us, this made a lot of sense to support,” CVCC executive director Susan Clovechok said. “It’s not typically a chamber mandate to do marketing outside of the community, but it’s certainly something that we feel is important enough that we can step out of our boundaries… and support this initiative. Wherever we can help our members, obviously we’re going to do that.”

Taking place from December 3 to 6, a group of Columbia Valley businesses including Bighorn Meadows, High Country Properties, Copper Point Resort, Casavino Wine Bar, Canadian Tire, Panorama Mountain Village, Toby Creek Adventures and others will join the CVCC to give Calgarians a taste of the Columbia Valley by distributing the Columbia Valley Map Book. In addition, Clovechok said they’re also planning on decorating their piece of the walkway with pictures of places such as the Sinclair Canyon and the Hoodoos.

“The vision is that when you enter one end of the walkway, it will be like you’re entering the valley,” Clovechok said.

For Clovechok, the goal of the event is to raise the profile of the Columbia Valley, and maybe let some people know about it who might not otherwise. She said that the walkway they are targeting, which is adjacent to the Banker’s Hall Mall, averages almost 4,000 people per day and as such provides a perfect opportunity to advertise the valley.

“Our biggest goal is to make sure that when people are planning their winter holidays, that the Columbia Valley is at the top of minds of Calgarians,” Clovechok said.

Clovechok is still looking for more businesses to join the contingent, and is also looking for anyone with creative ideas or props that could help with the decoration of the walkway. Interested businesses are asked to contact Clovechok at the chamber by calling 250-342-2844.