Cheesecake Burlesque Revue: fun and friendship

The women of the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue found life-long friends through a common love of sparkling costumes and performing.

  • Feb. 23, 2011 11:00 a.m.
Performers from the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue troupe on-stage.

Performers from the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue troupe on-stage.

As the time gets nearer for a workshop like nothing ever seen before in Invermere some of the Cheesecake Burlesque Review troupe took some time to talk about the troupe.

As two of the founding members of the group, Champagne Sparkles and Midori Colada got hooked after a birthday workshop for Colada’s 28th birthday.

“I was interested in burlesque after seeing a few performances and asked Little Woo from Vancouver to come and do a burlesque workshop with me and my friends for my 28th birthday party.  Champagne Sparkles was there and we both got hooked!  With her drive, we soon found ourselves connecting with others in Victoria who were interested in burlesque and formed our own little group to start performing.  I didn’t know at the time that we would form a troupe – it just all seemed like a lot of fun,” Colada said.

“When I first saw burlesque, I loved the fun the ladies were having on stage and the gorgeous, glittery costumes! I’ve always loved to dress up, but it took discovering burlesque for me to find the stage,” Sparkles added. She went on to speak of the benefits of the workshops like the one happening at Pynelogs on March 26.

“I think the workshops provide women with the opportunity to allow themselves to love their bodies, it’s something that can be really hard for some and our workshops help to show that we are all beautiful. We teach that we can all be sexy and sensual and that moving our bodies is fun and can be very funny too. We shimmy and shake all the parts that we often try to hide. And man, does that feel good! Once you start you don’t want to stop.”

Another performer with the troupe also sees the benefits for those who take part.

“Women have left our workshops feeling beautiful, confident and sexy. This will last now that they have the skills to maintain that sassy attitude. “You go girl!” echoes in their minds,” said Mz B Haven.

As for the performances themselves many of the women who take part put forward a great deal of time and effort to do what they do on stage.

“It is a huge amount of work. We are completely self reliant, so we carry our own bags (and props and everything), drive ourselves there, and organize everything for our shows. But the best part of being on the road  is that being with this troupe is a ridiculous amount of fun. On car rides we are always doing last minute costuming (there are never enough rhinestones, sequins or other shiny bits on our costumes) and are often found singing along to all kinds of music on the road. We have created an amazing sisterhood of women that may have never had the opportunity to come together otherwise. When we get home from the road and take a bit of a break before starting rehearsals and shows again we even miss each other,” Sparkles said.

In the end the troupe has brought many people together in a positive way and that is a major part of the message that the troupes tries to get across at their workshops and shows.

“Being a part of the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue has opened my eyes and my heart to what an amazing group of professionals looks like. I wondered how such a troupe (of solely women from all walks of life) could exist without cat fights, back stabbing and undercutting. Well this group of ladies doesn’t allow that silliness. We are open and honest with each other and everyone has their part. It’s a truly magical experience. I hope Invermere enjoys the ride as much as I do, from the bottom of my heart,” said Mz B Haven.

This was also pointed out by Ginger Kittens. “Aside from the obvious answers of empowerment and positive body image…I think the messages are as far as the eye can see and defined differently by every audience member. The beauty is that every performer and every number delivers a variety of messages, fitting into the viewer’s  life experiences, memories, hopes and dreams. We have something for everyone, and if every audience member was asked I think the messages gathered from the Cheesecake experience will be as broad as the broads who attend.”

For more information on how you can participate contact Debbie Fenton at 250-342-5873 or Jami at Pynelogs 250-342-4423.