Correction to Canal Flats water article

Correction to the article 'Referendum looming in Canal Flats' in the June 12th issue of The Valley Echo.

  • Jun. 19, 2013 8:00 p.m.

In the June 12th issue of The Valley Echo in ‘Referendum looming in Canal Flats’, it was incorrectly stated that “Interior Health will have the authority to commandeer council and build a system that they see fit” should upgrades to the water systems not be completed by 2015.  The correct phrasing should have been that Interior Health will have the authority to commandeer Canal Flat’s water systems. They can, however, take control of the water system, do the upgrades with no town input, then bill the water users for the upgrades. If this happens, the village will lose all its grant money earmarked for water systems upgrades.

It was also incorrectly stated in the same article that Canal Flats can “double dip” into funding from Towns for Tomorrow by twinning the projects (getting Eagle’s Nest potable water and building a new reservoir for Canal Flats). The village has received $400,000 in Towns for Tomorrow grant money plus $100,000 in a Gas Tax grant, which is specifically earmarked for getting potable water to Eagle’s Nest. Should the projects be twinned, the grant money can be used to benefit property owners throughout the water service areas and the village will save over $200,000 in capital costs and an estimated $10,000 per year in maintenance costs. The Valley Echo apologizes for the errors and any confusion as a result.