Mayor Dee Conklin

Mayor Dee Conklin

Dee Conklin chairs final meeting as mayor

Dee Conklin chaired her final council meeting as mayor of Radium last week


Dee Conklin chaired her final council meeting as mayor of Radium Hot Springs on Wednesday, November 27th.

But there was no saving the best for last.

“I said, “come on Mark [Read, chief analytics office], put something controversial on so that I can leave on a really cool note”,” Mr. Conklin said.

The meeting lasted about ten minutes, and its items took care of scheduling and financial responsibilities.

As meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, December’s second meeting was to land on Christmas Even. A motion was passed in new business to cancel that, which was to be the new council’s second meeting. But there will be opportunity for council to schedule a special meeting to compensate if needbe.

Funding for strategic wildfire prevention was approved, to which the village was responsible for ten per cent of, and had budgeted ahead of time for.

“Certain areas within Radium, some south of us and some west of us, still need some thinning out to make sure that we’re safe incase a wildfire comes over the mountain.”

And for due diligence, an amendment was also made for a slight skew of the the financial plan.

“When you’re working with a budget, you have to work exactly to those numbers.”

Mayor-elect Clara Reinhardt, along with the other members of the new council, will be sworn in on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Visitors Centre.