District of Invermere helps residents go green

The District of Invermere has made green development a priority

The District of Invermere (DOI) has recently added options to a program that helps residents reduce their water bills and their environmental footprints.

The Building Incentive Rebate program offers prospective home builders and renovators the chance to save money on environmentally friendly building projects. There are two main additions to the program.

The DOI is offering a $1,000 incentive for residents with homes heated by fuel oil who are looking to make a change.

In addition, commercial business owners and residential home owners can apply for a $100 incentive for every new, more efficient toilet they purchase.

The Building Incentive Rebate program was originally created in 2010 to support the DOI’s greenhouse reduction strategy.

“We wanted to devise an incentive system to encourage home owners to reduce their greenhouse gasses,” DOI chief administrative officer Chris Prosser said. “We have now expanded to offering incentives for the whole community, including local businesses.”

The incentives that were previously available are still offered, the largest of which is a $5,000 rebate on building a single family home that earns an EnerGuide rating of 83 or higher.

EnerGuide ratings measure a home’s energy performance in an effort to establish more energy-efficient homes in Canada.

Homes within the 80 to 90 range are deemed energy efficient. The current Canadian goal, set by the Government of Canada, is that all new homes should earn an EnerGuide rating of 80 or higher.

The DOI has made green development a priority, which could save residents intent on building or renovating, hundreds or thousands of dollars in the short-term, and even more in the long-term in efficiency savings.

For more information, contact the DOI at 250-342-9281.