ELECTION 2015: NDP candidate campaigns in Invermere

NDP candidate Wayne Stetski spent a day in Invermere, meeting with constituents, presenting his plans for the riding and knocking on doors.

On June 22nd, Kootenay-Columbia NDP candidate Wayne Stetski spent a full day in Invermere, meeting with constituents, presenting his plans for the riding and knocking on doors.

Stetski started his day at Do Nothing Flotation Centre, meeting with nine locals around a table at the juice bar. The event was informal, offering concerned Invermerians the chance to ask questions and offer ideas.

“It is really important to give people the opportunity to ask questions, to show them who we are as candidates and some of the things we want changed,” Stetski said.

At the event, Stetski explained some of his priorities for the riding, including increasing jobs in the green technology and renewable energy sector, strengthening relations with First Nations groups across the riding, and bettering the federally maintained highways.

His next stop was the homes of residents in Invermere and Windermere. Stetski spent his afternoon door knocking, a political ritual he said is not dying anytime soon.

“Although there is a lot of emphasis on social media these days, I know that research still says that the number one way to get people to vote is to introduce yourself through door knocking,” Stetski said.

Stetski’s last stop of the day was Safta’s, where he held two events. First, he hosted a dinner to once again informally discuss ideas with constituents. Then, he held a training session for prospective volunteers, which included how to approach people and campaign proactively.

With less than four months to go before the election on October 19th, Stetski said his hard work on the campaign trail has paid off so far.

“There was a poll released about three weeks ago,” Stetski said. “It said that if the election was held three weeks ago, I would be the Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia, but not by much.”

Over the summer, Stetski said he plans to continue to visit all of the districts in his riding to capitalize on his early popularity.

“The message to me is that we need to work really hard over the next four months to make sure that people get the opportunity to talk to me personally, share their concerns and have answers to their questions,” Stetski said.