Expenses for election revealed

Expenses for candidates in Invermere's election have been released.

Expenses for candidates in Invermere’s election have been released, and the two mayoral candidates were nearly even in terms of overall expenses and contributions.

The incumbent, and eventual winner Gerry Taft lists a total of $2,616.16 in expenses and contributions, while challenger Al Miller was only a dollar behind at $2,615.00. Both mayoral candidates expenses were covered by campaign donations, with Taft receiving a combined $1,416.16 from two businesses including Mad Cow Refreshments and Investments, of which Taft is an owner, and a total of $1,200.00 from two individuals. For Miller, contributions came in the form of $1965.00 from individuals and $500 from a local business.

How each candidate spent their money varies, as Taft lists $860.12 spent on radio, television, newspaper, periodical and electronic advertisements (RTNPE), $1,250.02 on signs, pamphlets flyers and brochures (SPFB), and $277.29 in unspecified, or ‘other’ forms of advertising. For his part, Miller lists all advertising under the signs, pamphlets flyers and brochure category to the tune of $2,598.40.

Spending amongst the council candidates is where numbers begin to really deviate, ranging from nearly $3,000 spent by one to another candidate who spent absolutely nothing.

Richard Unger was the top spender among all candidates, spending $2,905.82 between RTNPE and SPFB advertisements. He was followed by Paul Denchuk at $1,636.37, Dave McGrath at $925.54, Spring Hawes at $716.11, Justin Atterbury at $535.00, Greg Anderson at $487.10, Ray Brydon at $317.86, Dale Wilker at $267.00, Stephanie Stevens at $70.00, and finally Rob Dunn with a total of $0 spent.