Fighting gets you a night in the Sleep-It-Off Inn

Columbia Valley detachment staff sergeant Marko Shehovac's RCMP report for the week of June 22.

Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac of the Columbia Valley detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police takes plart in the opening ceremonies at National Aboriginal Day.

Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac of the Columbia Valley detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police takes plart in the opening ceremonies at National Aboriginal Day.

June 9

Columbia Valley detachment members set up a stationary road check in the area of Laurier and Panorama Dr. A check of a 2008 Honda ended up in the officer obtaining sufficient grounds to read an ASD demand.  The 53-year-old male driver from Invermere blew a warning.  As a result his driver’s licence was suspended for three days and the vehicle impounded for three days. During the same road check, one of the police officers recognized a male that was previously issued a 90-day driver’s licence prohibition operating a pick-up.  The male was pulled over and a computer check confirmed the police officer’s suspicion.  The driver was charged with driving while prohibited.

June 10

Police officers in the early morning hours continued their patrols for drinking drivers and stopped a vehicle on 13 St. in town.  As a result of observations, an ASD demand was read and a 24-hour driving suspension was handed out.

Columbia Valley detachment received a complaint of theft from a vehicle  that was parked in the 5000 block of Columbia Lake Rd. in Fairmont Hot Springs.  A Valentine I Radar detector and power cord was stolen along with a man’s black wind breaker.  The vehicle was in the driveway and unlocked. (Radar detectors have never helped me much. With the new radars in police vehicles the detector just gives you quicker advance notice than others without detectors to pull over.)

Columbia Valley detachment members were patrolling in Kootenay National Park when they observed an ’88 Nissan Pathfinder.  One of the members recognized the vehicle as one he had checked and issued a notice of order to repair a number of defects.  The vehicle was pulled over and, as a result of the investigation on-scene, the 46-year-old female driver was detained for a drug investigation.  A quantity of cocaine was seized and charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking was laid.

June 11

The detachment received a report of theft of a vehicle from the 6900 block of Columbia Ridge Dr. in Fairmont.   A Jeep Patriot was stolen with Alberta plates VHA506.  The ehicle was believed to have been left unlocked with keys on the console.

The detachment received a complaint of vandalism to a ’91 Ford Tempo. The driver’s window and side view mirror was damaged while parked on Subdivision Rd.

June 12

Detachment members monitoring the bar crowd observed two males fighting.  Police got involved to split them up and requested friends take them out of the area.  A 25-year-old male from Okotoks failed to take the hint and decided he wanted to continue the fight and directed some of his aggression at the officers.  He was given a free ride to the Sleep-It-Off Inn and later released with a violation ticket for being drunk in a public place once he sobered up.

Police responded to a complaint of assault on Shuswap Band land.  The complainant advised he was assaulted by an intoxicated male who had departed the area.  The victim did not wish to pursue charges.  The male was later located on the highway and found to be highly intoxicated.  The young male was lodged in cells and released with a ticket for being drunk in public.