Greyhound breakdown leaves bus sitting on side of highway for two days

Coach bus mechanical failure results in long taxi ride for passengers and driver

A greyhound coach was stuck on the side of Highway 93/95 for almost 48 hours earlier this week.

A greyhound coach was stuck on the side of Highway 93/95 for almost 48 hours earlier this week.

An empty greyhound bus was stuck on the side of Highway 93/95 just outside of Windermere for several days last week.

The bus broke down while southbound on the evening of Tuesday, January 6th and remained on the side of the highway until the afternoon of Thursday, January 8th.

It had a mechanical failure on Tuesday evening, at which time we called a tow truck to remove the coach,” said Greyhound senior communications specialist Lanesha Gipson. The tow truck arrived on the morning of Wednesday, January 7th but was unable to haul the coach. A second tow truck was called and the bus was finally removed on Thursday afternoon.

We don’t have specific information in terms of the type of mechanical failure that occurred, at this time. It was removed from the highway yesterday and is currently going through a thorough inspection to determine the cause,” Ms. Gipson told the Echo on Friday, January 9th.

There were two passenger onboard the bus at the time the bus broke down. Both passenger sand the driver were taxied to Cranbrook by Greyhound immediately after the mechanical failure occurred, which allowed the passengers to continue along their trip on schedule from Cranbrook on another Greyhound bus.

Because we are a ground transportation company, road failures occasionally occur. I don’t have an exact figure for how often it happens. However, we do pre- and post-trip inspections of our coaches to try to avoid these types of issues the best we can,” said Ms. Gipson.

Orange pylons had been set around the bus, which was pulled over on the west side of the road.