Impaired driving results in prohibition

Police files from the Columbia Valley RCMP detachment.

On December 30 at approximately 2:09 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP conducted a traffic stop on a 2007 Ford Ranger at 12th  Avenue and 2nd  Street in Invermere due to the vehicle exceeding the 35 km/h speed limit.  The driver admitted to police that he had consumed three beers over the course of the evening.  The investigating member could detect a very slight smell of liquor emanating from the vehicle compartment so he read the ASD demand and at 2:20 a.m. the driver provided a breath sample resulting in a warn. Police proceeded by way of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition process. The driver requested a second breath sample, however a second valid ASD was not available to complete the IRP process. Due to the requirements of the IRP not able to be fulfilled, police served a 24-hour prohibition upon the driver and seized his driver’s licence.

Panorama pot smokers caught

On December 27 at approximately 1 p.m., Columbia Valley RCMP members  were conducting ski patrols on snowboards at the Panorama Ski Mountain. While going down the View of 1,000 Peaks run, police observed two males lying down in the snow on the side of the run. It appeared that the two males were smoking Mmarijuana. Other members of the public were present and skiing and snowboarding nearby including children. Police approached the males, smelled marijuana and observed the two males smoke it. The members identified themselves as  police officers and advised the culprits that they were under arrest. A search of the males incidental to arrest found 1.5 joints, which were seized. The males were co-operative and admitted that their actions weren’t smart and unsafe. Police reported the incident to ski patrol and advised that an RCMP file would be created. The members exercised their officer discretion and decided not to pursue charges — this time!

Damaged window at post office

On December 30, police were dispatched to a mischief complaint that occurred at the Canada Post Office, located at 710 12th Street in Invermere. Upon arrival there, police met with the complainant,  who indicated that the bottom window of the front door was damaged. The shape of the cracks in the window clearly showed that something hit the glass near its middle. Police looked around for a rock but could not find any sign of something that could have been used to break the glass at the scene. Police obtained photos, and an audio statement from the complainant.  No other sign of entry or damage found. Police are asking anyone with any information regarding this mischief to contact them.

Suspicious footprints

On December 30, RCMP  were dispatched to an alarm complaint in Fairmont Hot Springs. The initial complaint was of a one-hit front door alarm. Dispatch was not able to reach the property owner or the key holder.  Once on scene, police cleared the residence. Nothing seemed out of place other than the front door being ajar however the investigators noticed footprints going around the building noted that the person who left the prints was checking every door. Police called the alarm company to let them know that they attended and asked them for further information regarding the owners, as well as the key holder. The alarm company advised that the installer would be enroute to deactivate the alarm. Members secured the front door and left. Police also called the key holder to let her know about the situation as well as the alarm installer.

Stolen sleds recovered

On December 31, a local male phoned the RCMP to report that he’d found some stolen snowmobiles and a trailer. Police attended and found a Black 2008 Ski Doo XP 800 along with a Silver 2002 Yamaha Mountain Max 600 with Trailer in a field just off of West Side Road at the 12-kilometre mark. The complainant told members that he was driving to go sledding, when he noticed the sleds and called the owners who he knows personally. The owner was already on scene when police arrived. Both sleds had the ignition tampered with and the Yamaha had damage to the front and sides and rear light as well. Members helped the owner load the sleds up left after obtaining photos and details. The owner was happy that sleds his were recovered. Police are seeking the assistance of the public in solving this theft, by requesting anyone with information to come forward.

Cadillac badly vandalized

On December 31, a female from Cranbrook called to report that her vehicle was vandalized in the parking lot of the Boutique Motel (aka old Mountainview Motel) across from the Invermere Post Office.  The vandalism

occurred sometime overnight on December 28. The vehicle is a black 2008 Cadillac CTS4.  Damage includes:  tail lights smashed in, headlight broken, rearview mirror broken off, sun roof dented, driver’s side window smashed in, dent in back end of vehicle. Approximate damage is $2,000. Police continue to investigate and are asking that anyone with information regarding this needless destruction of property to contact them.

Holiday spirit fading quickly

On January 1 at 1:29 a.m., police were dispatched to a fireworks complaint. The complainant reported people on Lake Windermere shooting fireworks at each other. Members attended and met the individuals walking off the lake. Officers began speaking to a male who was very intoxicated, had an open beer in his hand and was carrying tree more. Police advised him that he was consuming liquor in a public place which is a provincial statute offence and that he had to pour out the beer. The intoxicated male did not listen but rather argued. Police offered the male several opportunities to pour out the beer, however he would not and continued to argue. The male then took a drink of his open beer that he was supposed to pour out. Huge mistake!! Police quickly arrested the male for Causing a Disturbance by being drunk and for being Intoxicated in a Public Place. He admitted that he was extremely intoxicated and so was placed in cells overnight to prevent continuation of the offence and for his own protection. He was released with a violation ticket in the morning.

In addition to these calls there were many more complaints police attended to involving alcohol related offences, fights/assaults, noisy parties, erratic and/or impaired drivers, disturbances, mischief and vandalism. Simply too many to list in detail upon these pages!

—Contributed by Cpl. Grant Simpson


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