Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality zoning bylaw formally adopted, acting chief building official appointed

Briefs from Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality council meeting on May 21st

Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality Mayor Greg Deck and council formally adopted a zoning bylaw allowing for snowsports

Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality Mayor Greg Deck and council formally adopted a zoning bylaw allowing for snowsports

Jumbo Glacier Resort municipal council officially adopted a zoning bylaw dictating what can and cannot occur in the Farnham Glacier area at its Tuesday, May 21st meeting after formally receiving and filing submissions from the Monday, May 14th public hearing.

The bylaw — no. 0006 — allows for land uses such as snow sports, sightseeing and ski lifts as well as for hotels, lodges, restaurants, retail offices, services and maintenance buildings and other related structures.

Council gave three readings to a building and plumbing bylaw — no. 0007. The bylaw regulates construction, alteration, repair and demolition of buildings and structures and is based on a draft bylaw by B.C.’s Municipal Insurance Association, which was created to help minimize liability issues for municipalities as they provide oversight of the BC Building Code.

“It’s not a guarantee that anything untoward will happen, but it helps keep things in check,” said Jumbo Glacier Resort mayor Greg Deck.

The bylaw could allow for the municipality to approve a “co-ordinating registered professional” to ensure the Jumbo Glacier Resort (JGR) buildings are built to code, instead of the municipality’s building inspector.

Village of Radium Hot Springs chief building official, Arne Dohlen, was appointed as the mountain resort municipality’s acting chief building official.

“It’s pretty straightforward, it’s an obvious choice,” said Deck.

Several other Radium staff are already also acting Jumbo staff. Dohlen has been Radium’s chief building official since 2006.

A Level Two Building Officials’ Association of B.C. certified building inspector, he’s currently working on level three certification, the highest in the province. Dohlen oversaw the construction of, among many other projects, Radium’s new fire hall and municipal offices.

JGR council also appointed Dohlen, architect and engineer Glenn Ledingham, and JGR councillor Nancy Hugunin to a Design Review Panel.

“There is a need for a Design Review Panel since we are working to a higher standard of aesthetics than many municipalities,” said Deck.

Acting JGR chief administrative officer Mark Read said the panel will probably evolve once the municipality really starts to get going.

“The intent right now is to get a competent committee in place expediently to get this to move forward,” said Read. “I see this (the current panel members) as being for a temporary period, probably one or two years.”