Kootenay July job numbers increase

Region beats national trend by gaining 800 jobs in July.

The latest report from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation showed that the Kootenays gained a total of 800 jobs in July, in a departure from a national trend.

Employment numbers in British Columbia dipped in July after slight gains in June, as full-time positions replaced losses of part-time positions. In B.C., 14,500 jobs were lost, reflecting a national trend, as 30,400 jobs were lost across Canada.

However, full-time positions in B.C. increased by 9,600 from June 2012, and the decrease in total employment was entirely due to the loss of part-time employment.

Since February of last year, 46,800 net new jobs have been added — B.C. gained over 78,800 full-time positions, offset by a loss of 32,000 part-time positions. And since September 2011, B.C. has seen strong gains in full-time positions with 36,500 created, replacing the loss of 27,800 part-time positions.

B.C.’s 7.0 per cent unemployment rate remains below the national average (7.3 per cent) and, with 33,400 job gains since July 2011, B.C. ranks third nationally, after Ontario (+47,200) and Alberta (+45,700).

Overall, B.C.’s labour force now stands at 2,307,700. Compared with one year ago, B.C.’s labour force has increased by 33,400 people.