Rose-Marie Regitnig is the new publisher for The Valley Echo.

Rose-Marie Regitnig is the new publisher for The Valley Echo.

New partnership for local papers

The Valley Echo and the Columbia Valley Pioneer enter joint operating agreement.

In the spirit of partnership and co-operation, a Joint Operating Agreement has been struck between Black Press and Misko Publishing. Effective immediately, The Valley Echo and the Columbia Valley Pioneer are joining forces to create an innovative new partnership that will allow both newspapers to thrive and continue to serve the Columbia Valley.

Rose-Marie Regitnig has assumed publisher of The Valley Echo in addition to her current role as publisher for the Columbia Valley Pioneer.

“I’m excited to work with the great teams of both papers to preserve and grow the two unique identities of each paper while enabling some cost-sharing and joint operational tasks such as sales, administration and accounting,” Regitnig said. “Other synergies may be considered if it benefits both newspapers.”

Regitnig said her goal is to make both papers as successful as possible, with The Valley Echo being the Wednesday mid-week paper and the Columbia Valley Pioneer as the Friday weekend paper.

“I want loyal Valley Echo readers to feel excited and know that this is a positive step.”

While Regitnig will be the publisher of both, the two newspapers will retain their separate owners. Black Press will continue to own The Valley Echo while the Columbia Valley Pioneer will be owned by Misko Publishing. The two editorial personalities of both papers will be maintained.

“There will likely be times when big news will be covered in both, but since we will have two different editorial teams, with two separate editors the coverage will likely differ, as it has in the past,” Regitnig said. “Two different editorial voices in one community.”

She invites the community to meet with her to discuss the new arrangement and provide feedback. She can be reached via email at, or call The Valley Echo office at 250-342-9216.