Radium Hot Springs council briefs from Wednesday, June 12th

Briefs from the Village of Radium Hot Springs council meeting on June 12th

During the regular council meeting of the Village of Radium Hot Springs on Wednesday, June 12th, Fireworks Bylaw No. 397 was updated with modern wording, but still prohibits the use of fireworks in the community without a permit. A local business owner who sells fireworks in Radium contacted the village to express his concerns of inconsistent regulations throughout the valley.

A letter from mobile giant Telus was received, expressing delight that the company will be investing more than $170,000 in Radium to upgrade its systems.

Councillors appreciated a thank you letter from the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley. In addition to their written gratitude, the society reminded the village of hospice services that will be possible because of its funding.

During new business, council acknowledged the loss of the Ritz Motel and the damage to Park Inn resulting from a fire on Sunday, June 9th. Councillors praised efforts by the emergency responders, and expressed how happy they were about infrastructure advancements made in 2011, saying they didn’t want to imagine how the disaster would have finished had the village not upgraded the water flow capacity.