RCMP Report: Alcohol and accidents on the road

Columbia Valley RCMP report for the week of July 20.

Over this past weekend Columbia Valley RCMP responded to 44 calls for service and issued 22 violation tickets and four warnings for various motor vehicle act, liquor control and licensing act offences.


• Columbia Valley RCMP were dispatched to Mountaintop Drive in Fairmont for a complaint of unlicensed quads continuously travelling on the municipal roadway. While on scene and speaking with the complainant, police observed two quads riding down the street. They were followed into a driveway where two out-of-province male drivers were given a strong verbal and written warnings. They were advised that the fine amount for riding an unlicensed vehicle on the roadway is $598 under the B.C Motor Vehicle Act. They were provided clear direction regarding where it was legal to use their quads.


•  At 12:33 a.m. Columbia Valley RCMP were travelling north on Hwy. 93/95 near Juniper Heights when they observed a female who appeared to be urinating next to a black 2010 Honda Civic, which was pulled over on the side of the highway.

Police stopped to speak with the driver and immediately noted a smell of liquor and open liquor bottle in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Further grounds led police to ask for a breath sample.

The driver was unco-operative with police and very agitated. Several attempts to obtain a sample ended with negative results. The driver was issued a 90 day immediate roadside prohibition for refusing to provide adequate samples. The vehicle was towed and impounded for 30 days. The driver was released to her father in Radium Hot Springs for the evening.

•  At 7:53 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP were dispatched to a single vehicle roll-over on Hwy. 93 at Flow Lake in Kootenay National Park. Police attended and observed a 1998 Green Dodge Dakota upside down in the trees. Police spoke to the female driver  and male passenger, both from Alberta, who both had minor injuries. The driver explained that she was driving from Wasa, B.C. with three hours of sleep.

She said that she was northbound when she fell asleep. She woke up when the vehicle was going in the ditch, over-corrected and the vehicle rolled to the opposite side of the highway. Police did not note any signs of impairment. The marks showed she drove on the shoulder of the road for 100m then veered off road left into the trees.

Police issued the driver a violation ticket for failing to keep right. The vehicle was towed and EHS transported the driver and her passenger to Banff hospital for treatment of their minor injuries.

•  Columbia Valley RCMP received dispatch of a hit and run that occurred on Hwy. 93/95 near Wilmer Pontoon Road. The complainant reported that he had been driving south when a black vehicle struck his mirror and driver’s-side window. The black vehicle did not stop and continued traveling north.

The complainant was unable to obtain any further details on the vehicle. Police attended and noted that the mirror on the complainant’s 2010 Black Ford Ranger  was broken off and the window was broken. No paint chips or other evidence were located at scene.

Damage is estimated to be under $1,000. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time, however, police are seeking the assistance of the public in attempting to identify the offending vehicle. Should you have any information regarding this hit and run please contact the local RCMP detachment or Crimestoppers.


• RCMP received a complaint regarding 12 juniper trees that had just been planted in the 900 block of Timbermont Road. Three were ripped out of the complainant’s property and thrown across the road. This occurred sometime on Saturday night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The complainant also advised that he noted his neighbour’s for sale sign had been ripped out and its metal support rod bent right over. The complainant added that he has heard that other neighbours have experienced vandalism to their property over the last couple of weeks.

Police are seeking the assistance of the public with these types of crimes. If you see someone damaging property or have any information regarding any vandalism please contact the local detachment or Crimestoppers.

•  Just after 6 p.m. Columbia Valley RCMP received dispatch of two overdue hikers at Bruce Creek Forest Service Road just west of Wilmer. The complainant reported that two hikers were separated from a party of 22 hikers sometime around noon. He also reported that other hikers had gone back up the route looking for the hikers.

The missing hikers were identified as seniors, both in their late 70s to 80s but prepared for the elements and experienced hikers. At 6:26 p.m. police received an update that both hikers had been located and picked up by motor vehicle. Neither received any injury.

They had accidentally wandered off the trail head and were taking the service road back down. No further details could be gathered as both hikers left the area as they were fatigued from the hike. All parties involved notified of the favourable outcome. Search and Rescue had not yet been activated.


•  Columbia Valley RCMP were on foot patrol on Copperhorn Drive in Radium Hot Springs just before 6 p.m. when a large GMC van drove by and parked on the side of the road. Police recognized the local male driver and knew the van did not have insurance.

Police looked up the van and learned that it was a 1974 GMC Cube Van registered to a local female. Police spoke to the driver who said that he moved the van out of the driveway to get out a camper. The driver drove the van about 200 feet down Coppperhorn Drive from the driveway of a house in the 7300 block of Copperhorn Drive.

Police checked over the vehicle and saw many safety concerns. The tires were bald and severely cracked, no lights worked, and there were holes in the floor and frame from rust. Police towed the vehicle for no insurance as well as non compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act. Police served the driver with a two month driving suspension as per the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

•  Columbia Valley RCMP were traveling north on Hwy. 93/95 near Windermere at 12:38 a.m. when they observed a Green 1998 Ford F150 travelling southbound at a high rate of speed. Police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and noted that the driver threw a can from the passenger side window into the bushes.

Police then spoke to the male driver and only occupant, who stated that he threw an old can of beer. Police immediately noted that he had slurred speech and that his eyes were bloodshot, yellow and glassy.

Police could also smell fresh liquor on the driver’s breath as he was speaking.

The driver provided a breath sample which registered a fail. A driving prohibition was read and second test read. The driver did not wish to provide a second sample.

The driver surrendered his license which will be sent back to the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The driver then became very agitated and threatened police.

He stated that he was going to fight police. As a result he was arrested for uttering threats and lodged in cells for the evening and released when sober with 90 day roadside prohibition notice, 30 day impound notice and violation ticket for speed against highway sign. Charges of uttering threats are still under investigation.

Corporal, Grant Simpson

Columbia Valley RCMP


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