RCMP Report (August 1)

Police files from the Columbia Valley RCMP detachment.

0500 hrs The Columbia Valley detachment receives a report of a break and enter and ongoing assault at a residence in the Dry Gulch area. Constable Ralph and myself are contacted and respond to the residence where female and male adults had been confronted by a 29-year-old male well-known to the detachment. The suspect assaulted the adult male, threatened the female and stole a laptop computer. The suspect male was described as being intoxicated and had departed in a vehicle before police arrived.

0530 hrs Police depart the scene to attend to the suspect’s residence. While en route, a possible suspect vehicle drives by the police vehicle, headed back in the direction of the victims’ house. Police turn around and as we approach the intersection of Highway 93/95 and Juniper Heights, the vehicle is noted to run off the road. The driver was identified as the 29-year-old suspect and the stolen computer was located in the vehicle. The police enter impaired investigation as well as a robbery and breach conditions charge.

0542 to 0700 hrs Breath demand is read and the driver and robbery suspect is now charged with impaired driving (driving over .08) and lodged in cells to be remanded for court.

0715 hrs As a result of a possible distress signal observed yesterday evening on Mount Swansea, Search and Rescue (SAR) Victoria is contacted to assist the detachment in ensuring no one is in any difficulty.

0750 hrs Contact is made with local SAR and arrangements made to secure a helicopter and search the area. Brief meeting is held with the person who reported the incident.

0830 hrs I attend the hospital to get some blood work done after starving for 12 hours only to be told the lab is not open.  I’m in uniform with a gun and starving. They took pity on me and drew blood.

0910 hrs A helicopter out of Golden is secured and will attend to assist Invermere Search and Rescue.

1000 hrs I attend a meeting.

1030 hrs Finally a quick breakfast for Cst .Ralph and myself. Starvation ends.

1115 hrs Meet up with SAR and determine no one was in distress or located. All is well. Many thanks to our local SAR.

1200 hrs The 29-year-old male in cells is awake and complaining of being sore and needs a smoke. I oblige.

1250 hrs The Columbia Valley detachment is contacted and advised that an adult male had departed the psychiatric unit in Kamloops and may be in Invermere. Male is known to be violent and, during an arrest, took on seven police officers in the past. Further checks with a member confirmed the male was seen in Radium last evening and possibly at a residence in Radium.

1300 hrs Cst. Michaud was called out to conduct patrols in civilian clothes in attempts to locate this male. Cst. Michaud requested to check the bus station at Radium Esso and show staff the picture of the male in question.

1325 hrs While making inquiries at Radium Esso, Cst. Michaud observes a male with outstanding warrants and a person of interest in the death of Cory Jarock enter the store. An arrest is made and members at the detachment respond to assist. The 23-year-old male from the valley is lodged in cells. Remand documents prepared.

1400 hrs The 23-year-old male arrested in Radium is lodged in cells.  Paperwork is ongoing with this arrest.

1455 hrs An alert citizen ,who had watched the news and observed the picture of the psychiatric patient from Kamloops, sights the male walking towards A&W in Invermere.

1500 hrs Cpl. Simpson — detachment muscle — is called out from home to assist. Cst. Michaud in civilian clothes is sent to A&W to confirm identity. Once identity confirmed, detachment members swoop in and make the arrest without any problems. This male is lodged in cells with the other two to make arrangements to get him back to the hospital.

1530 hrs First suspect involved in the accident is taken to the hospital. Cpl. Simpson remains with him at the hospital until the doctor can see him.

1800 hrs Cst. Ralph contacts Crown and arranges for bail hearings to keep two males in custody until court on Wednesday, July 25. Paperwork.

1900 hrs Cst. Michaud escorts the male, who needs to eventually be returned to Kamloops, to Cranbrook Hospital.

2030 hrs Cpl. Simpson escorts BC Ambulance with the robbery suspect to Cranbrook hospital and returns with the prisoner early in the morning. Bail hearings are eventually completed by Cst. Ralph.

2300 hrs Cst. Ralph and myself finally call it quits. A16-hour shift completed.

Thankfully, not a typical day.