RCMP Report: Child left in car prompts police visit

A summary of notable RCMP files for the weekend of February 3.

February 2

• Columbia Valley detachment members heard of an assault that had happened on January 29 that was not reported to the police.

Police learned that a 63 year- old male from Radium was walking down Stanley Street near the Pine Wood condos when he was approached by a number of adult males and knocked down on the ground and kicked. An eight-pack of beer and small amount of money was taken from the male. The investigation is continuing.

February 3

• Columbia Valley detachment members attended to an abandoned 911 call in the 4800 block of Stanley Street at 12:50 a.m. and determined that an adult male and female had been arguing. No assault had happened. Both had been consuming liquor. Both went their separate ways.

•  Columbia Valley detachment members were called to a possible break and enter complaint in the 900 block of Lakeview.

The complainant was of the opinion someone might have been in the house. Police attended and cleared the house and found no intruders. There is a possibility that someone may have been trespassing on the property.

• At 9:30 a.m. Columbia Valley detachment members during day shift once again responded to the same complaint that had happened at 12:50 a.m.

In this instance the 47 year-old male from Radium assaulted the 48 year-old female. Both were in a relationship at the time.

Police attempted to locate the male to arrest but at the time of this report has not been located.  Charges of assault will be recommended.

• As a result of observations made by a citizen, police attended to a residence on 7th Avenue to ensure the well being of the people living at the residence.  The concerned citizen observed a male kicking at the door. Police attended and learned that a female and male had an argument and no assault had taken place. The male had departed by the time police arrived.

February 4

•  Columbia Valley detachment members were called to Fairmont ski resort as a result of a report of a child being left unattended in a vehicle with no adults in the area.

On initial arrival the vehicle was not observed, but was later observed to once again drive onto the lot. It was learned that the two year-old child was asleep in the car and the father from the Calgary area stated he was away from the car for a few minutes but had an eye on the car while the wife was on the slope.

The parents were advised that it only takes a matter of seconds for things to go sideways. We left the father in the hands of the mother and hoped all would end well for him.

Enhanced Traffic Enforcement February 3 to 5

61 general speed, three commercial speed, one excessive speed, four speed warnings, seven Notice and Orders, one each of: failing to produce driver’s licence, use of electronic device, illegal passing, other provincial, drug seizure.