Remember when? (March 9)

A look at what happened in the Columbia Valley this week over the past 50 years

  • Mar. 8, 2011 4:00 p.m.
March 12

March 12

50 years ago: The P.T.A. Talent Show was a great success, held in the auditorium of David Thompson Secondary. A large, appreciative audience enjoyed a program of song, dance and novelty numbers.

45 years ago: Centennial Beacon Fires were seen throughout the province at 9:30 p.m., lighted by Boy Scout troops. The Columbia Valley Scouts lit their beacons part way up Swansea Mountain, as the summit of the mountain was not accessible at the time.

40 years ago: A preview of spring and summer styles was shown at David Thompson Secondary in a Fashion Forum for Schools. The noon fashion show of beach wear, sports clothes, pant suits, party dresses and a graduation dress attracted a large audience.

35 years ago: The site of the Columbia Valley Sports Complex in Invermere (later Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena) resumed building after three months of silence.

30 years ago: Three local firemen, Gordon Lake, Jack Solinger and Roy Broadfoot, were honoured for their long and dedicated volunteer firefighter service at a special ceremony in Vancouver.

25 years ago: The Columbia Valley Figure Skating Club held their 11th Annual Ice Carnival. A crowd of about 400 people showed up for the event, which featured performances by more than thirty of the young skaters, ages four to seventeen. The theme was “Let’s Go to the Circus”.

20 years ago: The Invermere Achievement Centre received new boarding kennels and opened its doors to stray dogs found around Invermere. Don Brook and his team of workers looked after the animals, providing them with food, water and exercise.

15 years ago: Charles Nicholas, 7, and Adam Hall, 6, were featured in the Valley Echo reading their freshly-bought books from Windermere Elementary’s bi-annual book fair.

10 years ago: It was announced that J.A. Laird Elementary would be receiving a new playground by next year. The original playground, which had acted as a play place for students for 15 years, was deemed unsafe and came down after a child broke both  arms while playing on it.

5 years ago: The Friends of the Columbia Wetlands organization unveiled their next information kiosk, ‘Kiosk No. 12″, at the headwaters of the Columbia Wetlands at Canal Flats.