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Video: Gliding on down the road in Fernie

Skier finds his own way home after leaving the Fernie ski hill.

The entire province is currently plagued with weather issues, from freezing rain to intense snowfalls.

In Vancouver, residents are struggling to get around the city after their vehicles were encased in ice.

To the south-east, residents in Fernie and Sparwood are rejoicing after waking up to 55 centimetres of fresh powder on Monday morning.

However the snow and rain has caused major issues on the roads. Despite skiers being absolutely pleased with the amount of white stuff covering the Elk Valley, highways were shut down and several accidents were reported.

Although for one Fernie skier- turned skater- a few car crashes, and an icy road was no of no concern to him.

Firefighter Brendan Eamonn Morgan caught it all on camera on Thursday night. With his skis on his shoulder a man simply just glided down the road on ice skates with no cares, except to get home safe and probably to return to the hill the following day.

Check it out.