What’s a Mountie without a moustache?

Other than my wedding I can’t recall not having a moustache.

The last time Marko Shehovac went without a moustache he was getting married in 1978.

The last time Marko Shehovac went without a moustache he was getting married in 1978.


I know a report has been done in regards to the activities the detachment members will be doing to raise money to further research on prostate cancer.

I applaud the members for taking this on again and furthermore expanding our efforts for this cause. Last year we did it amongst ourselves, but this year they wish to raise more funds. It was, however, a surprise that they wanted to do a reverse Movember on me. They wish to raise enough funds to encourage me to take off my moustache. Told the members other than my wedding I can’t recall not having a moustache. How can you be a policeman without a moustache?

This last weekend Bev and I looked at all our pictures around the house to come up with a picture of me without one. I know I was ordered to take it off for our wedding. End result of our search was this photo, taken in ’78. Those that know Bev are probably surprised to see that her hair was without grey whereas it appears I have not changed that much since this photo except for the lack of a moustache.

When enough funds are raised the moustache will come off. (The sooner I see enough funds, the sooner it comes off. It will remain off until the end of November.)


The RCMP reporting system works on a fiscal year of April to March. I attend a number of meetings throughout the year to provide reports on detachment activities and to listen to people’s concerns. January and February, however, are months that I put out the call to be invited to speak to any groups that wish me to come and provide a review of our activities and to get some discussion going on what our priorities should be. I prefer meetings where you feed me or at least provide coffee and Tim Hortons treats. Have to build up the winter fat. I recently met with the Fairmont Association. Not long ago I dined with the radical Red Hat ladies. If you wish to take the lead and organize any such meetings from Brisco to Canal Flats, I would be pleased to attend. I like to hear the comments from any group. Allows me to provide you some feedback on our accomplishments and our challenges.

I plan on doing talks with Rotary, the Chamber and the Lions Club. They eat good. We can meet at a public building or fill up a dining room. Give me a call at the office at 250-342-9292.

November 4

• The detachment received a report of theft of clothing from the Bargain Shop. The investigation resulted in two young offender females ages 17 and 16 responsible for the thefts. The detachment is entertaining restorative justice mediation.

November 5

The detachment attended to a disturbance complaint in the early morning hours in front of Bud’s Bar. A verbal confrontation ended up in a 21 year-old male pepper spraying another male. On police attendance, the offending male had departed but was later located. The 21 year-old male has been charged with assault with weapon. The victim had his eyes taken care of by ambulance attendants.

• The detachment received a complaint of a male yelling and fighting with himself near Sobeys. On attendance the male was not located. It was felt the fight was a draw and the male departed for home. Later, a second call came in of the same male causing a disturbance near the arena. A 31 year-old male from Radium was found to be highly intoxicated.

The male was lodged in cells and released later with a ticket for public drunkenness under the Liquor Licence and Control Act.