A little more winter

Two weeks ago I was going on about the end of winter, now I sit and look out at about a foot of fresh-fallen snow.

Just re-read my last Ramble… boy, oh boy, don’t ever listen to me when it comes to changing seasons!

Two weeks ago I was going on about the end of winter, now I sit and look out at about a foot of fresh-fallen snow wondering where my head was at.

Of course, for those that are ready for the change of season there is solace in knowing that we will very likely see a warming trend soon — it is March after all. And for those that love it, looks like spring skiing should be terrific!

Please have a look at our updated March calendar on the back page to see the many events planned for the month.

The point of doing this calendar is so that a comprehensive  event listing is available on an annual basis as well as monthly. If you are planning an event, please be sure to let us know, not only so that it shows up on our monthly calendar but so that we can include it on the annual one at the end of the year.

This will help all event planners decide on dates for new events, avoiding some conflict and allowing complementary events to be held together.

I have to tell those of you that did not attend the Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club dinner on Saturday night, you missed an excellent dinner. There was nothing new to me on the menu as far as ingredients were concerned, but I don’t often have the opportunity to eat wild meat and it was very enjoyable.

Coming up faster than I realized is the Breast Friend’s Bash on Saturday March 10. Don’t miss this important fundraiser for new digital mammography technology at our regional hospital in Cranbrook. It will be a fun evening including a great dinner, fashion show and auction.

The Mountain of Hope Gala at Panorama takes place the same evening. I’m sure both events will get significant support, as they are both very important causes.

It may seem like there is always a fundraiser happening, it’s actually true. They are all for good reason however, and this valley’s residents do a great job of supporting all of them. Pat yourselves on the back!

We’re offering an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see Liona Boyd in concert next week at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook. Just go to page 15, fill out the coupon and bring it in. I’ve attended one of Liona’s concerts and it was terrific. The Key is a great venue too, I don’t believe there is a poor seat in the house. Good luck!

Marilyn Berry is publisher of The Valley Echo