BC Conservatives bring common sense

Voters need a party that represents a change from the two old, mainstream status quo political parties

Dear Editor,

As a former member of the BC Liberal Party and a supporter of the federal Conservative Party of Canada, I’m extremely pleased that Earl Olsen is the BC Conservative candidate for Columbia River — Revelstoke.

We need choices and need to be able to vote for a candidate and party that represents a change from the two old, mainstream status quo political parties.

We need to be able to vote for a party that will govern with integrity, a party that will be open and honest with its citizens, a party that will apply sound and prudent fiscal and economic principles to manage and restore the province’s finances, a party that will work to create meaningful jobs for all people throughout the province, a party that believes in being socially responsible and compassionate and a party that knows we need to take meaningful and measurable steps to protect our environment.

Liberal scare tactics just won’t work in this election. It’s ordinary folks who will decide which party will get to lead this province for the next four years. The more choices our citizens have, the stronger our democracy becomes.

I welcome the opportunity to hear the Liberal Party and candidates defend their track record. The more it’s examined, it becomes clear we need a new party and candidates who believe in open and transparent government, the free enterprise system, fiscal responsibility and personal accountability.

We don’t need another four years of Liberal mismanagement, arrogance and fiscal irresponsibility.

When you go to vote, think of these BC Liberal programs, initiatives and fiascos: the harmonized sales tax, the BC Rail scandal, the carbon tax (which costs you money every time you fill up your car or truck), and the carbon offset program (which has wasted millions, rewarded big business and done nothing to improve the environment).

After 12 years of Liberal government Think carefully before you vote on May 14th. There is a party that represents real change, will bring common sense to government decisions, believes in free enterprise and is not concerned about how many other political parties are competing for your vote. It’s the BC Conservative Party.


Bob Munro

Golden, B.C.