Blast Off: Music to your ears, and your waistline!

Have you ever noticed that hearing a certain song can turn your mood around and even make you feel more energized?

Everyone has days where exercise is the last thing you want to do.  Whether it’s because you’ve had a busy day at work or are just feeling tired, sometimes it can be tough to find the energy to even think about tying up those laces. But have you ever noticed that hearing a certain song can turn your mood around and even make you feel more energized?

You’re not alone. Music has a way of making your workout seem like less of a chore.  Simply putting on your favorite playlist during your workout can have more of a positive impact than you may think.

According to a study from the College of Charleston, people could complete 10 additional reps while listening to music they enjoyed. Think about how much that would add up to over a year’s worth of workouts!

The researchers discovered that music helped the exercisers feel more positive even when they were working out at a very high intensity.  This allowed the participants to push themselves harder than if they had been working out in silence.

When you listen to music you like, you are more likely to focus on the enjoyment you are getting from hearing the song rather than that burning sensation you are feeling in your muscles. This distraction will increase your positive thoughts, decrease the negative ones, and give you that boost you may need to challenge yourself!

The rhythm of the music can also play a role. When you hear a song with a particular beat and try to keep up with it, your physical and motor skills may actually improve because you’re trying not to miss a step. When you’re in sync with the music, exercise seems smoother and less forced. Imagine any kind of dance without the music; it’s not nearly as much fun!

The type of music you choose has an impact as well.  Let’s say you are in a yoga class, trying to focus on steady breath and the instructor turns up the techno; you won’t be nearly as likely to achieve that Zen-like state than if you were listening to something mellow.

The same goes for weightlifting or higher-intensity cardio; if you’ve got a faster tempo song playing, it can energize you and help you get into the right mindset. Whatever type of workout you have planned, try to match it with the appropriate style of music and you’ll likely see an overall improvement during that session.

Music can also be incredibly motivating. Sometimes just hearing a certain tune can make you want to bust out the dance moves! If you hear music you like, there’s a better chance you’ll want to work out again. Connecting songs with exercise can stimulate positive thoughts about exercising, especially when you hear those songs again.

Have you ever been listening to the radio and a song comes on that you had exercised to earlier that week? Chances are it triggered a positive memory about how great you felt during or after the workout.

These encouraging thoughts can help keep you motivated and actually make you want to return for another sweat-session. So, crank up your personal favorites and get active! Just remember, if you’re outside to keep an eye and ear open for any obstacles.

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