Editorial: Change is afoot in the Columbia Valley

Our team is immensely enthusiastic about the new look of the old Echo.

If Quality Bakery undergoing a massive new renovation and changing its name wasn’t enough excitement for you, then allow The Invermere Valley Echo to shake things up even further.

Our team is immensely enthusiastic about the new look of the old Echo. The task of redesigning this historical little community newspaper, one that is just two years shy of its 60th anniversary, has been in the works ever since The Valley Echo and The Pioneer joined forces over a year ago.  Thanks to the incredible support received from the community ever since, these two newspapers — once fierce rivals — have continued to operate side-by-side, producing wonderful stories and photos that reflect the exciting life and times the valley has to offer everyone who comes here.

The Valley Echo has had many different faces since it was first founded in 1956. Part of preparing for the redesign was to study these faces and bring back historical elements worth saving. In the end, it was The Echo’s history that had the greatest impact on its new direction.  The same can be said for the Columbia Valley, that the key to forging ahead with new ideas, designs and ambition is to stay in tune with the past, with the history that shaped the present moment so full of creativity, vitality and potential.

Change is coming to the Columbia Valley.  Whether it’s the influence of more disposable income thanks to an improving economy, of cosmopolitan ideas thanks to a higher profile on the international stage, or of a changing world grappling with global issues… whatever the reason, change is afoot. And while change challenges us to innovate and seek out new opportunities, it also asks us to honour where we came from

and why.  The valley’s rich past offers an inexhaustible source of imagination and creativity, from 500-million-year-old fossils, to ancient First Nations cultures, to pioneering European families. We hope readers agree we finally have a Valley Echo that not only does itself justice, but the incredible area it represents. Tell us what you think!