Editorial: In praise of cold

'In praise of cold' - Weekly editorial penned by editor Greg Amos

“Whumpf! Crrrrrr-ack!”

And with just one not-so-mighty swing of the splitting maul, the previously impervious fir log split neatly into several fire-sized wood chunks.

This episode, brought to you by last weekend’s -25 C cold snap, is just one of the examples that illustrates why I so dearly love this cold, cold valley weather.

It’s not just us woodstove users that benefit from the arctic incursion. The unusually nippy air has resulted in a reliably frozen lake surface that’s given rise to far more lake skating, shinny and ice fishing than anyone expected this early in the season.

Snow hasn’t been plentiful in the valley yet, but the substantial cold makes the creation of artificial snow a simple task. Enough snow has fallen to give downhill skiers and boarders a good taste of their first runs of the season, and cross-country skiers are soon to see a huge variety of nordic circuits ready for action.

Those who boldly seek out vertical ice in the form of frozen waterfalls and seeps are enjoying a very promising start to the winter, not to mention a good early dose of cold to let the body adjust its circulation to the weather.

Artists at work at the Radium Hot Springs pools are surely grateful for the super cold air,  as it’s allowing them to make good progress on the new ice-and-LED light installation at the pools, Winter Radiance, set to debut on Friday, December 20th.

And many of us who simply enjoy nature’s scenery are glad to take short hikes or strolls through a valley that’s slowly being glazed over by snow and frost.

No matter what the activity, most end the same way: with a trip inside a warming hut, to a cafe, or around a fire to warm up and revel in the warmth of not just the heat source, but the pride that comes from being Canadians embracing our northern stereotypes.

And that’s what it all boils down to: this cold weather is good for our sense of community. The colder it gets, the more we bond together.

So summon the courage to get outside and enjoy the season – you’ll be glad you did.


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