Fever pitched

Darryl Crane's editorial for the week of April 6.

It is interesting to me that throughout this election campaign leaders from all parties are doing their best to get the public engaged in what is happening during the election.

Well it seems that a fever has taken over voters though I am not sure it is the one politicians want to hear about.

Whether it is chatting with friends or family, looking online or receiving texts on my phone, people are engaged with the National Hockey League playoffs or the start of the baseball season much more than they are with the election. Some people are popping the odd voting message to me but more and more it is about who will do what when the playoffs start or maybe this will be the year the Toronto Blue Jays knock the evil Red Sox or Yankees off of the thrones they sit on. Perhaps this was the plan all along. Having an election with so many great sports starting or ending their seasons may only get the die hard election fans out to vote.

Think how distracted people would be if more Canadian teams were going to be in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s cup.

Ottawa and Edmonton are gone. I write editorials on Monday so by the time the paper comes out on Wednesday the Leafs and Flames could know if they will be involved in the post-season.

This could get more voters engaged but I wonder how many people in British Columbia and Quebec would rather watch hockey or listen to a politician speak?

I know for me that the Bruins will be in the playoffs and if they play Montreal again I will be distracted from the election by messages from friends back east and debating penalty calls with my father who has cheered for the Habs forever. (Yes it made for many debates as I grew up and there were times we didn’t talk during a Bruins/Canadians series). As for the election I hope people do pay attention and definitely vote. Hockey is our escape but whoever wins will be leading Canada into the future and that has to be on our mind as well.

Darryl Crane