From the Hill: National day of action

Canadians will always remember the tragic events of December 6, 1989, when 14 young women were killed.

Canadians will always remember the tragic events of December 6, 1989, when 14 young women were killed — targeted because of their gender. Reaction was swift and determined, as our nation resolved to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Today, this important work continues. It involves all Canadians, across all communities and jurisdictions, in every part of Canada. Why? Because violence against women affects us all, destroying families, tearing apart communities and placing an incredible burden on our economy.

That is why the Government of Canada remains absolutely committed to eliminating gender-based violence. Recently, for example, the Government of Canada made investments in initiatives that engage men and boys in ending violence, and that support community-based projects to help students be safe and secure during their post-secondary studies. In fact, since 2007, more than $54 million in federal funding has been approved for projects that seek to address violence against women and girls.

As a retired member of the RCMP, I have had been involved in numerous incidents involving violence against women and it is something that cannot be tolerated. Beyond the criminal elements, there must be a change in attitude in society in general and it must start at home and then expand. We must make every effort to bring added awareness to a serious problem.

As we work toward a more peaceful, more equitable society, we will succeed only if we work together.

On December 6, may we pause to reflect and remember the women who have died, then resume our work for change.