Letter to the Editor: Community theatre not for personal profit

In May, the Lake Windermere Players will present “The Good Doctor” by Neil Simon.

Dear Editor:

In May, the Lake Windermere Players will present “The Good Doctor” by Neil Simon. As this is the first play for the group in many years, newer residents of the community may not be aware of the long history of dramatic entertainment in the Columbia Valley. The Lake Windermere Players (LWP) is an amateur theatre group that has been performing since at least 1936 and often stages its plays in the Invermere Community Hall. In the past, LWP productions have received wide recognition in the Kootenay Zone regional theatre festival as well as the B.C. Mainstage festival, held annually in various B.C. locations. Actors from other towns have been known to wish they could be members of the LWP.

While the group does not have official non-profit status, it does operate on a non-profit basis. As the LWP does not have outside financing, it relies on door receipts to fund its productions. Once the considerable costs of production are covered, any extra monies are used to purchase technical equipment and insurance and to fund future productions. They have also in the past been used to provide bursaries to high school drama students or to contribute to worthwhile causes. Members donate their time and expertise and often contribute it in the form of costumes, props and construction materials as well.

The LWP also relies on the generosity and goodwill of various local individuals and business who are interested in the continuance of local theatre. There are many volunteers “behind the scenes” without whom the LWP could not function. The LWP welcomes new members and anyone interested in participating in future productions.

Bruce Robinson

LWP Interim President, Producer of “The Good Doctor”