Letter to the Editor: Reasons to Relay

My name is Sue Hein and I recently moved here from Golden. We had the Relay for Life and I took a team every year.

Dear Editor,

My name is Sue Hein and I recently moved here from Golden. We had the Relay for Life and I took a team every year. I really enjoyed the whole experience of getting together with friends, fundraising together and hanging out all night at the track.

Why does the relay go for 12 hours overnight? Because cancer never sleeps and I can give up one night’s sleep. This is the significance of the overnight. Sure, it can be a long night, but think about people dealing with cancer — they don’t have a choice. And, actually, the night does go by faster than you might think. There will be music, activities and just the experience of walking along the luminary-lit track is special. It is also a good time to chat with people you don’t always see. You will have a campsite set up with your lawn chairs and blankets for a rest when you need one, maybe even a tent with a sleeping bag inside.

There will be a new luminary ceremony at dusk this year. There will be an opportunity for everyone to participate and be part of the first ceremonial lap around the luminary-lit track. Walking the track is a big part of Relay for Life. It is amazing to walk along and see all the luminary messages when they have been lit up. Just imagine walking as the sun sets and before you know it, daylight is returning. You will be surprised how short the night is.

Rainy weather? I just take some rain gear and spare shoes, clothes. Your vehicle is just in the parking lot to keep things dry. There is shelter so you can be inside and out. Of course we really hope for a nice dry night, but it is all part of Relay.

I invite you to come out and be part of the Relay for Life as a team member. Join a team or form your own team. How often do you stay up all night with friends, family and some people you didn’t even know?

Yes, the Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. You can make your own donation, get some sponsors, or do a team FUNdraiser. There is still time. As a Relay for Life team member for seven years, I invite you to try it. You will be glad you did!

Sue Hein