Literacy Golf Tournament

Letter to the editor regarding the cancellation of this year's Literacy Golf Tournament.

Letter to the Editor:

After much consideration the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy has decided to take a break from hosting the annual Literacy Golf Tournament.

The decision was a difficult one.

Over the past seventeen years we have been extremely lucky to have such wonderful supporters that have generously given their time and money to literacy programs within the valley through this tournament.

Radium Resort has been extremely supportive of our organization, kindly allowing us use of the golf course, dining facilities and assisting us in the organization of the event.

There are also numerous local businesses, organizations and individuals that have generously donated and participated in this tournament and we are forever appreciative. To those that volunteered your time we are in awe of your efforts.

Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to find volunteers to gather prizes; as well we have been seeing decreases in participation and donations. Partially this is due to the slowing economy in the valley, the numerous other charity golf tournaments that have popped up over the years and the lack of volunteers and staff able to take on this task.

The monies that the Literacy Golf Tournament generated were instrumental in allowing us to continue the high level of literacy programming in the valley.

CBAL will now look into other fundraising opportunities and the possibility of making improvements and bringing back the golf tournament in future years.

We will be sending out letters to our participants and donors asking for your input on how we can make improvements in our fundraising efforts.  If anyone has any comments about the golf tournament or other fundraising opportunities please email me, April Chruszcz at


April Chruszez