Mystery Diner: Perfect location meets great menu selection at Station Pub

The Station Neighborhood Pub is a great place to enjoy a meal.

The Station Neighborhood Pub is a great place to enjoy a meal. We were welcomed with a sincere and friendly hello from behind the bar and headed straight to a seat at the massive windows that let the sunlight pour in and offered awesome views.

The scenery is some of the finest in the valley with the recently frozen lake framed by mountains. It seemed really early, but people were already skating on the lake!

Looking for a quick snack, we decided that the beer and pizza special of the day would be perfect. For $27, we ordered an always yummy pitcher of Arrowhead I’m So Freakin’ Hoppy India Pale Ale and what would definitely be my last meal on earth request – a pepperoni, mushroom and sausage pizza.

While waiting we couldn’t help but peruse the large selection of beers on tap and creative cocktails, floats and martinis. A Rusty Nail? Love it. Sex on the Greens? A Pool Boy? Never had either, but both sound pretty darned tempting!

The pizza arrived at the table quickly and was larger than anticipated. It looked fabulous with generous amounts of toppings. There were several types of cheese, really tasty sausage and a fresh, zesty tomato sauce with just the right amount of seasoning. The orange pepperoni and frozen crust were a bit disappointing; we’d have liked a better quality meat and fresh pizza dough with nice bubbly edges better. Overall though, it tasted terrific, kind of like the homemade pizzas made when I was a kid. Usually we have left overs, but on this day there were no survivors! Parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes were not offered. The beer was cold and very drinkable. Our server was awesome the entire time. Hey Ya! by OutKast was singing the right tune in the background.

Having been to The Station Pub many times, our experience has always been an extensive menu with above average pub fare (we love getting a choice of two sides), and attentive service in a bright, casual environment. It’s perfect for both small and large groups. There’s lots of televisions for watching sports and a good sound system with music set at a civilized volume.  Yes, you can talk to your date! And it can get very lively during one of their frequent live music nights.

The location is wonderful and the outdoor deck is cozy and conducive to chatting with others. While there we were happy to see a train going by no more than 25 yards from us – how appropriate for The Station Neighborhood Pub!

We’ll be back soon for some of the many regular menu items. We already know how good they are.

The Valley Echo’s team of mystery diners are constantly seeking out new restaurants and eateries to review.