Please Vote

Dear Editor,

I just got home after attending the All-Candidates’ Forum at DTSS tonight.  There was a great turn out, with many thoughtful questions being asked by the public.  The candidates who attended were Brent Bush, independent, Mark Shmigelsky, NDP, and Betty Aitchison, Liberal.  They were given a great opportunity to introduce themselves, and explain their or their party’s platform, and were largely impressive.

Two candidates were absent from the Forum; William Green, of the Green Party, fittingly, and David Wilks, Conservative.  Mr. Green contributed a letter explaining the reason for his absence, expressing his regret, and giving a brief statement.  Mr. Wilks, on the other hand, had previously requested that specific date to fit his schedule.  After the others re-arranged their calendars to accommodate him, he cancelled at the last minute.   Apparently he has been notably absent from the majority of forums in the riding.

I’m not writing to express my personal political viewpoints.  However, I think it’s important to think hard about the kind of representation you could expect from a candidate, and party, who don’t find it important to engage with their people even in the midst of an election.

Please vote!

Spring Hawes