Ramble On: Community Spirit Alive and Well

The Valley Echo publisher Marilyn Berry rambles on about her perspective on valley life.

Good-bye May… hello June! It’s so trite to say, but time is just flying by. Spring is just about over and we will welcome summer with glee.

I want to encourage you all to get your tickets to go to the roller derby bout this Saturday night at the Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena. I’ve figured out what it is I love about it and why I believe that almost everybody will love it. It’s like hockey… the rush is anyway. Only in hockey you have to wait, hoping for a breakaway by your team. In roller derby, one team is on a breakaway almost every ‘jam’. The excitement builds and your adrenaline flows throughout the bout.

So if you love to watch hockey, come out and cheer on Invermere’s Killer Rollbots, you’ll have a blast!

It was a real treat to see live theatre in Invermere. I’d like to thank the Lake Windermere Players for putting on a wonderful show. I know the David Thompson Secondary School’s drama group performed their production last weekend as well. I heard nothing but good things about it and was very disappointed I wasn’t able to attend. It’s too bad the events had to overlap but I’m sure there was good reason.

It will be busy in Canal Flats this weekend when the community hosts Canal Days. Actually, the fun starts tonight (Wednesday) with a talent show. If you’re looking for something to do, take a drive and take in some of the events. You can find out what’s going on on the Village of Canal Flats’ website.

I hope everyone is getting ready to relay… Relay for Life that is.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s annual event is inching closer. You can pick up pledge forms here at The Valley Echo’s office. If you’re not participating but would like to make a donation, you can do that here too. This is the tenth anniversary for the event in the Columbia Valley — make sure it’s the best one ever by participating in any way you can.