Ramble On: The call of fall in the Columbia Valley

School started yesterday... and everyone involved is shaking their head asking where the summer went.

School started yesterday… and everyone involved is shaking their head asking where the summer went. Of course, it went where it always goes; the days just pass by more quickly as we get older.

But let’s not be too quick to say goodbye — officially summer doesn’t end until September 20 or so. The weather is still terrific, or you may say finally terrific, so get out and enjoy those rays doing the things you love to do in the summer.

The golf courses are in great shape and beckoning. Hiking trails are calling and so are the beaches. The days are still long enough to enjoy all these activities after work or school.

I guess my point is, don’t quit — on summer or physical activity. There are lots of ways to stay healthy in any season and fall is likely one of the easiest. Not only is the weather generally good for outdoor activity, fresh garden produce abounds.

At this time of the year I wish I had inherited my parents’ love for gardening. I had always kind of hoped that it would come to me like it appeared to have done with my father; he never really got involved with the garden until later in life, but nope, I have absolutely no desire to grow anything. I sure like to eat fresh fruit and vegetables though. Picking raspberries, peas and beans were the bane of my existence when I was growing up.

Shelling, cleaning and cutting weren’t high on my list of favourite projects either but popping a few fresh, raw whatever they were into my mouth surely was.

Of course, it was always more fun to just stand in the garden pick a pea pod now and then, shell and eat the peas right there. These are memories I treasure… will coming generations have this kind of memory? Or will they think vegetables and fruits only come from the store or the farmers’ market? I ask the question because I really don’t know. Do people still have vegetable gardens in their backyards? I can’t say I’ve seen many of late. Flower gardens and lawns  are everywhere; even fruit trees are fairly prevalent.

As a baby boomer, I know my generation did a lot of migration from farm to city life but we brought some elements of agriculture with us.

Did I hear something recently about chickens being allowed in a nearby urban area?

Maybe we’re starting to bring some of those things back.

Wow, I rambled a long way from school starting… enjoy the returning routine to your lives to those affected!

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