Ramble On: Valuing our online content

The Valley Echo publisher Marilyn Berry rambles on about her perspective on valley life.

Do you like to read newspapers online? Many do and we’ve had a website for The Valley Echo for many years. As of today, May 9, all of The Valley Echo subscribers will enjoy full access to the newspaper’s premium content online at no additional cost.

This is an important step as part of a growing industry trend to reward our loyal readers with free, unlimited access to all the local coverage you expect from your community newspaper. That means all website content, including a digital replica of the paper, is now included in the cost of your paid subscription.

Letters have been sent to our subscribers outlining how to activate their digital accounts at www.invermerevalleyecho.com using the subscription number on their labels.

New subscribers pay just $45.30 (local subscription rate) annually for both print and digital copies of The Valley Echo. Readers who wish to forgo the print edition will still be able to access digital-only premium content on a monthly or annual basis.

We are joining scores of paid-circulation community newspapers across the country that are recognizing the value of their online content. The e-editions recognize the value of the unique, local content generated by our newsroom staff. News outside of what we generate locally may sometimes be available elsewhere but those written by our staff are uniquely Columbia Valley; there is an inherent value in that — we appreciate it, our print subscribers appreciate it — and we want it to be recognized in our online component. We pride ourselves on timely updates to our site and subscribers will enjoy privileges that include the ability to forward stories via email or social media accounts, participate in online discussions and access all content.

Non-subscribers will still have free digital access to limited areas, such as provincial news, our website’s front page and section fronts, blogs, classifieds and obituaries. And when breaking news happens, that will also be available to all site visitors at no charge.

I encourage you all to visit www.invermerevalleyecho.com and have a look!