Regional Rundown: Charting a course for Windermere water

We continue to seek feedback from the community. An information package and survey have been mailed to property owners.

Editor’s note: Regional Rundown is a new feature in the Valley Echo, in which we offer each mayor and regional  district director in the Columbia Valley the chance to share what’s new in their community each week.


The community of Windermere has been under a water quality advisory since 2006 and it is a priority for the RDEK to bring the system into compliance with Interior Health Drinking Water standards. In 2012, the RDEK started a new community consultation process that was lead by an independent consultant and identified nine options, four of which were looked at in greater detail.

We are now seeking the community’s input on its preferred option. This information gathering started with two open houses on December 30th. The intent was to present the findings in the engineering report and compare “apples to apples” so that the community is able to provide feedback based on comparable numbers.

While all the numbers are conservative in nature, we would rather estimate high and have the actuals come in lower.

We continue to seek feedback from the community. An information package and survey have been mailed to property owners. The survey is available online at: .

The survey deadline is February 12th. Copies of the info package and survey are available at the RDEK and at

The input we receive will help us determine what option to present to the community. For that reason, I am hoping to see Windermere get involved and fill out a survey. The more people we hear from, the better will be able to understand the community’s vision.

Once the survey input is compiled, I’ll meet with staff and the Windermere Utility Advisory Commission (which consists of five members of the community) to review the results.

It’s my hope that based on the feedback received, the advisory commission will be able to narrow the options and recommend next steps. Our goal is to present an option this spring and seek the community’s support to borrow the money needed.

Right now, we don’t know what option will be presented and we need the community input to help give us direction.

We are also seeking feedback about which electoral assent method to use: petition or referendum. This is a tough one, neither method is perfect and we can only pick one.

We are only allowed one question on a referendum or petition, and we want to make sure we ask the right question. Your opinions matter, so please let us know your preference and why.


Wendy Booth is the Area F director for the Regional District of East Kootenay and can be reached at .