Regional Rundown: New projects for Invermere in 2014

The District of Invermere is beginning the New Year with work on many important projects.

Editor’s note: Regional Rundown is a new feature in the Valley Echo, in which we’ll offer each mayor and regional  district director in the Columbia Valley the chance to share what’s new in their community each week.


The District of Invermere is beginning the New Year with work on many important projects. Some of them have already been approved by council and have funding allocated in the current budget.

Those items include the continuation of our events coordinator position, which helps to support existing and create new events within Invermere (to stay up to date, see ).

Council believes this is important area to support because it drives interest in the community, stimulates direct economic activity, and helps to create quality of life for residents.

We are funding the creation of way-finding signage for the downtown core and our walking trails. This will assist people in navigating their way around town, and there are also some historical interpretive elements to some of the signage.  It’s a great opportunity for visitors and residents to learn more about our community and enjoy non-motorized recreation.

Staff continues to work on design for ultraviolet disinfection treatment for our Paddy Ryan Lakes water system to bring our level of water treatment up to the highest standards. And the district has funded the creation of a public works manager position.

In addition, Invermere council will be directly involved in consultation with user groups and then with the general public on more detailed design for new the new multi-use community centre, and continued discussions about potential regional funding towards this facility.

Early in 2014, council will be deciding whether to proceed with a design-build process, or a design-tender process, and hopefully by this spring we can begin a competitive process to determine which firms could potentially design and build the new facility.

Council will also continue to discuss and analyze options related urban wildlife, most specifically deer, and council will continue to defend our community from frivolous and malicious legal challenges.

In cooperation with the other local governments in the Columbia Valley, and with funding and support from the Columbia Basin Trust, Invermere will continue to play an active role on the Columbia Valley Directed Funds Committee. With dedicated funding, staff support, and more clear set of process and direction, this group is poised to begin implementing its strategic plan and doing great work around the social and economic needs and opportunities in the Columbia Valley.


Gerry Taft is the Mayor of Invermere and can be reached at 250-342-9281 or at .