Registered owner is responsible

My wife received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago with a very fine picture of her new Ford Escape, and a very clear picture of her licence plate.

The letter explained that the vehicle went through a photo radar and kindly mail $120.00.

When we bought this vehicle she made it very clear that it’s her car.

I can’t even change the music without a stern look and reminder, her car, her music.

I was pleased that she clearly established this prior to this letter as I was the driver at the time.

She advised me that I received a letter stating that I was speeding in our car and I went through a photo radar trap and I owe $120.00.

Now it’s all me and it’s now our car.

So I asked, who was the letter sent to.

She advised to the registered owner.

The Wife.

Advised her that it’s her letter, personally addressed to her and as the registered owner she is responsible for the actions of her car. She should take some accountability of who she allows to operate her vehicle and take ownership of this letter.

Bada boom, Badda bing, I rest my case your honour.

I have a very strong suspicion that my next trip to the Pro Bass Store will not be as profitable as I would like it to be.

Good chance I’m not going to even get a sniff of the Pro Bass Store. One way or the other, I pay.

Marko Shehovac is the Staff Sgt. of the Columbia Valley RCMP detachment