Soak in summer while you can

It's hard to believe we're already mid-way through August, with the Labour Day weekend just around the corner

Only one more summer long weekend left. It’s hard to believe we’re already mid-way through August, with the Labour Day weekend just around the corner.

For those who love the peace and quiet of fall in the valley, this is a good thing. It means there are only a few more weekends left of getting slammed by weekend warriors who storm out to the valley on their time off to relax while the sun is still shining and the lake is still warm.

For others, September is coming up far too fast. Summer is the most popular time to visit the valley, and the hustle and bustle of visitors from around the world will be missed by those who enjoy the lively atmosphere of the valley’s thriving tourism industry during July and August.

Lest we forget, September is also the time when school resumes, much to the kids’ dismay and parents’ relief.

But no matter how you look at it, summer in the valley — as the local saying goes — is only eight weeks long, so if you don’t plan to take advantage of it, it can pass you by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, snow will be twinkling on the mountain tops, you’ll see your breath in the air, and you’ll be wondering why you never made the time to do all the hiking, biking, camping, water sports, etc. you were dreaming of all winter long.

Hopefully you found time to take in the Perseid meteor shower earlier this week, the annual display of shooting stars in the night sky that happens every August — a sure sign that summer is in full bloom.

For those who find the summer months are flying by: the farmers’ markets continue through August, the biking trails are still in great shape, the lake is still warm enough to swim in, and the late summer/early fall offers exceptional backcountry conditions for a multitude of nature-loving activities, and the valley’s restaurant patios are still in full swing.

Last but not least, don’t miss the blow-out event of the summer — the Kraft Celebration Tour on August 19th at Kinsmen Beach. For full details on the event, check out this Friday’s Pioneer.