Speaking up on deer ‘debacle’

The Invermere Deer Protection Organization does not speak for us.

We try to remain impartial in most political issues, as we do trust in the democratic process and the individuals that we elect to do the job.

But as the process is being turned into a debacle, we feel the need to speak out. The Invermere Deer Protection Organization (IDPO) does not speak for us. We believe it is time that all the people who support our council and the process to stand up and be counted.

The IDPO has brought a civil lawsuit, along with the injunction halting the cull, to the court suing the District of Invermere for emotional and physical suffering due to imagining what would happen to the deer in the cull.

Do we now all get to sue for emotional distress whenever we don’t like a decision? The 14 plaintiffs must be beyond distraught during hunting season.

That people can come in and subvert the process distresses us beyond anything else.

When does it end? What then is the purpose of having a governing body when, after the process has been gone through, people can just complain and stop it?

Where were the protestors when the deer committee couldn’t get enough people? Why weren’t they standing together united in the cause then?  That they can arrive at the eleventh hour, and call the council members names and compare the cull to a historical atrocity is reprehensible. They have not followed the correct process to air their complaints in the way everyone else must when we need to talk to the council.

We know that there are no arguments to change anyone’s mind on either side, and we wont try.

However, regardless of the opponents’ opinions, we are compassionate, and our concerns stem from the fear that young families are feeling, the fear that pet owners with their leashed dogs are feeling, and from the sadness of watching animals who are hurt, wounded or sick that cannot be culled by a natural predator as we have chased them all out of town. Deer are prey and a cull in nature is provided by predators and is necessary.

Please stand up and voice your support for the council and by extension the cull. They made a difficult decision no one would want to make, with the permission of the Crown, and have made it through due process.

36 people who all

live, pay taxes,  and/or work in Invermere:

Jill and Keith


Sandy Puskaric

Marilyn Puskaric

Ed and Holly Jones

Dennis Wass

Taylyn Anderson

Mark and Kara

Von Niessen

Kimberley Harris

Norman Gagatek

Theresa Wood

Leslie Hecher

Amanda Smith

Brodie Smith

Josh Page

Heather, Lindsay, Siobhan, Helena and Leigh-Ann Hall

Geoff Hill

Jennifer Moss

Kevin Ede

Dee and Rory Connell

Lori Sluth

Angela Semple

Cathy Wigorski

Erin Wittke

Charlie Smith

Dan Emms

Darren Arcuri

Krista Menzies

Paul Christy