The latest fall fashions — newspaper style

Andrea Klassen's editorial for the week of September 14.

By now you’ve likely noticed a change in your trusty ol’ Valley Echo.

Our latest update — which rolled out last week, for all you collectors — was in the works for a couple months.

During that time your editorial and production team spent a lot of hours staring at old newspapers, new newspapers from various ports of call, lists of fonts and little swatches of colour pulled up on the computer screen.

Charts were made. Certain editors spent too much time in the Echo archives, and subsequently too much time talking about the Canal Flat/Canal Flats name change.

When a paper has the amount of history the Echo does, going back through the archives can be an unexpected source of inspiration.

While we decided not to go with the sometimes neon-coloured nameplates that mark our early 1990s editions, the scenic lake views and mountain ranges that graced our logos in decades past were too good to pass up.

With this latest change we’re working to showcase the strengths that have long been the Echo’s hallmarks: dynamic photos, timely news and strong community input.

Hopefully, you’ll find the Echo in your hands a bit easier on the eyes, a bit brighter and bolder, with a few extra flourishes.

But what we haven’t tossed out with our old fonts is our dedication to bringing you all the breaking news, business, sports and arts coverage you expect.

Redesigning a newspaper is a bit like getting one of those trendy new haircuts.

You can say the words “bold, dynamic, fresh” to yourself over and over, but until the scissors start clipping — or the first issue makes it to the stands — you’re never quite sure what reaction you’ll get.

So thanks to those who have given us their feedback on the new look over the past week.

If you haven’t yet and would like to, we’re always open to hearing what you have to say.

Feel free to drop by the office or send your input to