The Rotary Report: A Rotarian reflects

We hope this finds you in good health and looking forward to time spent with family and friends.

Well, here we are again. We hope this finds you in good health and looking forward to time spent with family and friends. As the year is about to close,we look back at the past year and the things we did or did not do.Did your 2014 resolutions bring success?Maybe, just like a lot of people,those resolutions fell by the wayside.Regardless, sometimes the attempt leads to a higher level of determination for another attempt. It seems that failure is part of our human destiny because few, if any, people reach success on their first try.Service Above Self is a resolution,though, that seems to have a bit more success, likely because the resolution is aimed at helping others. More often than not, New Year resolutions seem to be aimed at personal goals. This past year, when we look back at all the things that went on in Invermere, it seems the most success was had by those events directed at helping others. And there were lots of successful events.

The Rotary Splash Park comes to mind. The Rotary Seniors’ Dinner. The Feed the Town event at Copper Point.Feed the Valley at Rocky River Grill. Individually,were you someone’s Secret Santa? The list is long and shows everyone how much this community cares about each other. All in the spirit of Service Above Self.My previous column (Valley Echo, December 10th) mentioned Rotary tests. Is it the truth? Does it apply to the things we think, say or do? Another test question that helps Rotarians guide their activities is as follows: Is it fair to all concerned? Does Santa refuse his lap to anyone? Is race or religion or skin colour a barrier to Rotary’s help? As a Rotarian, the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!” Did you learn a little more about Rotary? Did we give you some food for thought? We hope so. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your Christmas and look forward to 2015!

This week’s column was written by Rotary Club of Invermere member John Tames. Learn more about the club by visiting