The Rotary Report: Rallying the Rotary Club spirit

As we begin the 2015 calendar year full of resolve, we hope that our resolutions will bear fruit.

As we begin the 2015 calendar year full of resolve, we hope that  our resolutions will bear fruit. What is life but a future filled with promise?

As a Rotarian, our year begins not on January 1st, but September 1st.

It means that we members of Rotary have already had four months of time to strengthen our resolve.

Then when January rolls around, we can look back and try harder to live up to our resolutions. Remember our motto? Service Above Self!

Sometimes, as we go about our daily lives, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of living, but we try to remember those in need.

Truth. Fairness. Both concepts are easily understood guides to the things that Rotary does.

A third Rotary guide is perhaps not as easily done. That concept is Building. Can we build goodwill? Can we develop better friendships with those we help? Do we make a change in our immediate community, our country, or our world?

Or are the changes we make no different than just changing our socks?

We are very fortunate to live here.

When looking at the community we live in, there is a long list of activities that take place throughout the year. Activities that talk to us about our ability to care.

Activities that tell us about our support  of those who represent the most in need.  Sometimes that need is financial.  Sometimes that need is caring and love. Sometimes that need is just moral support.

In the end, however, the community comes together to provide whatever is needed.

Service Above Self is more evident in small communities than in the large city because we are more intimate with our fellow citizens. In a way, we are all Rotarians.

How about you?

Are you a Rotarian? Maybe you are at heart.

Why not join Rotary, wear the pin, and use the organization to do even more good?

Rotary would welcome your support as would those we serve on a regular basis.!

This week’s column was written by Rotary Club of Invermere member John  Tames.  Learn more about the club by visiting