The Rotary Club of Invermere is responsible for first-rate community projects such as the Splash and Spray Park at Kinsmen Beach.

The Rotary Report: Rotary Club of Invermere reaches out to Echo readers

The Rotary Club of Invermere is starting a series of stories about your local Rotary Club.

Welcome! Thanks to the Invermere Valley Echo, the Rotary Club of Invermere is starting a series of stories about your local Rotary Club.  My name is John and I am a Rotarian! We hope that in the following months, you and your friends will get to know a lot more about Rotary.  Who we are. What we do. What we hope to do; not only here in Invermere, but also throughout the world. How you can help. How to join with fellow Rotarians, whether or  not you become  a Rotarian or just want to help.

Our Rotary Club began almost 38 years ago. Today, we have 32 members.  All of these members have one common goal, as do all Rotarians.  The motto that guides us is simple: SERVICE ABOVE SELF. Easily said, but like most principles, not always easy to follow. This motto is, however, what we strive to follow and in doing so, guides us to do the things we do.

For some of us, especially  those Rotarians who have a partner, Service Above Self means that you pour your partner’s coffee before your own. It means  they get first choice at dessert. It means you open the door for them.

We also have to ask ourselves some test questions. There are only four test questions that help Rotarians decide if their efforts are worthwhile. Maybe I’ve already failed the first question. The first question: Is it the Truth? Considering what I’ve written above about Service above Self, maybe I’m going to be held to task. Or I can hope my wife won’t read this! Regardless, that question helps to shape our direction.

I hope to have given you some food for thought. More food coming in the next article.  Thanks  for reading!

This week’s column was written by Rotary Club of Invermere member John  Tames.  Learn more about the club by visiting

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