Trudeau’s Liberals reaching out to B.C.

A letter to the editor from Canal Flats coucillor Paul Marcil


Dear Editor:


While I do applaud the compliments for the “Lake Stewards” (in last week’s issue), I do want to note about the “potential discounts for valley residents.” Tilley Memorial Park, which is the boat launch/beach facility in Canal Flats, is a wholly village-owned site. Village taxpayers are responsible for all costs to operate this site including staffing, landscaping, improvements, etc. etc. There is no Provincial/ Regional District or any other local government or residential developments in the area contributing anything to the $39,000-plus yearly operating costs. The boat launch/beach user fees cover approximately 60 per cent of this amount. The balance is covered by village taxpayers who pay whether they use it or not — so valley residents and visitors are already getting a discount.




Paul Marcil

Village of Canal Flats Councillor