Two weeks and time to fill

It's spring break… and what have parents planned for their children?

It’s spring break… and what have parents planned for their children?

It’s wonderful for those that are able to take vacations around the school holiday, or even part of it.

The anticipation is enough to keep kids from being bored while they wait for departure time. But what about those that aren’t going on vacation? There are two weeks to fill without a specific holiday in the middle to build on.

I know the students think it’s great to have two weeks off in the midst of the second term but what do parents think?

I’ve heard rumblings — which have led to this rambling — that one week is enough especially in the middle of March when there are no organized activities for children and the weather can’t be counted on to be pleasant.

My firsthand experience with this is minimal, my niece typically spends the break visiting relatives at the coast and there was only a one week break when my children were in school.

However, having an exchange student in my home has raised this question. What is he to do for two weeks?

Most kids aren’t fitted with the wherewithal to entertain themselves for extended periods of time. Or at least not without much of that time being spent in front of a television set or a computer. If anyone has ideas to share, please do!

I am officially ‘between seasons.’ The curling season is over for most, except to watch the World Championships on TV, and it just isn’t warm enough or dry enough to golf yet.

It’s a nice time in some ways, an opportunity to rest and wind up for an active summer. But I, like bored kids on spring break, also miss a scheduled lifestyle where I know I will have some physical activity as well as social interaction on a regular basis.

One more deer story… the exchange student failed to ensure the front door was completely closed on the weekend after a visitor left.

Off to another part of the house he went, then heard suspicious noises. He returned to the front door area to find a deer halfway into the house, not a welcome visitor at all!

Marilyn Berry is publisher of The Valley Echo