Whazzup at Pynelogs: Kudos to the arts council

If you’re wondering where the buzz is coming from, look no further than the Columbia Valley Arts Council.

Can you feel the buzz in the valley?

It’s growing, and you don’t want to miss out on being a part of it. If you’re wondering where the buzz is coming from, look no further than the Columbia Valley Arts Council.

CV Arts has been thrust into the limelight twice this spring, receiving the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Not-for-Profit Organization of the Year, and our president, Chris Evans, was just honoured as the Rotary Club of Invermere’s Citizen of the Year.

We want to sincerely thank the people who nominated and voted for us for these awards.

Some may say it isn’t becoming to toot your own horn, but all of us involved with the arts council are incredibly happy about the recognition. It truly is an honour and, like a proud parent at their child’s dance recital, we want to share our excitement with everyone in the Columbia Valley.

We also wish to carry the momentum forward, which is where we need your help.

There are many ways residents can get involved with the mission of CV Arts, which for 36 years has been supporting and facilitating the growth of arts and culture in our wonderful valley. The arts council is made up of a group of amazing volunteers, all dedicated to the positive growth of the arts community, and we are seeking people from all backgrounds, disciplines and tastes to come out and become part of the ever-evolving vision as we move forward.

President Chris Evans has been steering the arts council for six years, and he and his wife have been involved in valley life for more than 25 years. He is a truly passionate individual who values the input of everyone interested in local art and culture.

Having a varied board and membership is integral to the continued growth and development of CV Arts. We strive to bring fresh new ideas to the valley, without compromising the longstanding traditions already in place. CV Arts has a bright future, and we want as many people as possible involved in the process.

We have some major projects planned for 2012, including a completely re-envisioned website, some wonderful festivals, a series of art shows that should truly inspire, and an ongoing focus on enhancing cultural tourism in the valley.

So, as summer heats up, give some serious thought to spending some time with CV Arts, and let the cool breeze of inspiration refresh and invigorate your volunteering soul.

Please contact Jami Scheffer or Joshua Estabrooks at 250-342-4423 or Chris Evans at 250-342-8392 for more information.

— Joshua Estabrooks, CV Arts Council Assistant Curator