Youth voting

A letter to the editor regarding youth voting.

Dear Editor,

Young people, here is what oldies, including politicians, don’t want you to know. If every young person between 18 and 24 voted, it would change the outcome of any election. Now, imagine if 60 per cent or even 80 per cent of young people voted. In the 2008 election, voter turnout fell to an all-time low of 58.8 per cent of registered electors, and many ridings were won by a few votes. Only 22.4 per cent among youth aged 18-20 and 25 per cent among youth aged 18-24 years voted. In comparison to voters aged 58 and older who voted at a robust 81.5 per cent, youth turnout was 36.2 percentage points below the national turnout percentage (61.2 per cent) in 2000.The decrease mainly stems from a decline in civic engagement among youth. In other words – they just don’t get you. Come out to vote, then we oldies will get you. More so, we will be forced to listen.

William Perry

Victoria, BC