The Friday afternoon seniors' league bowls to win on February 25 at the Valley Alley.

The Friday afternoon seniors' league bowls to win on February 25 at the Valley Alley.

Bowling leagues still rolling

The Valley Alley bowling leagues are wrapping up! Learn about the leagues and event nights happening at the alley.

The Valley Alley, located on Hwy. 93/95 between Invermere and Windermere, has been the spot of considerable competitive buzz in the Columbia Valley.

The bowling alley is home to several adult and senior leagues that pack the facility on their designated nights of the week.

“We have a Wednesday and Friday afternoon seniors’ league,” said Lori Dahl, manager at the Valley Alley. “Wednesday is Invermere’s league and Friday is Fairmont’s league. Monday night is mixed league, Wednesday night is mixed league as well, and Thursday is ladies’ night.”

The various bowling leagues are currently in their playoffs, with a “roll-off” championship event happening on April 3.

“It’s the top team from our regular season and the top team from the playoffs for each league night, and they all collectively  have a bowl-off on that day,” explains Dahl. “It takes all day. We usually start at 10 a.m. and go from there.”

The Valley Alley usually hosts a youth league as well. However, there is no youth league this year due to a small turnout.

“We didn’t have enough interest in the Valley this year,” said Dahl. “We’re hoping to have a better turnout for next season. It has an October start (same time as senior and adult), but because it’s youth bowling it has a shorter season. It depends on the ages of the kids and how many we get.”

“Our seniors’ leagues are full, and then some, and some of our nights are full. The only one we’d like to see more people in is our Thursday night ladies,” said Dahl.

The Valley Alley also features a prize “turkey” wheel, for those who score a turkey (three strikes in a row).

The wheel can be spun and could land on a prize donated by local merchants and businesses in the area.

The bowling league seasons are almost ending, but those interested in participating in next year’s leagues are welcome to place their name in early.

“We always have returning bowlers who come back every year, so if there are spaces available then we offer them to them, and seniors are full, but there’s always room in the other leagues,” said Dahl. “It’s kind of nice too because if they would like to bowl, but don’t want to come all the time, they can always choose to be a spare to come once in a while, like if someone gets sick.”

For more information on the Valley Alley, call 250-342-BOWL.